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When Country Workshops closed down in 2017, we asked ourselves if the CW web site should be preserved. And if so, how? The answer is Yes and No. We’ve decided to create this Archive that can become a resource going forward.

Learn From Drew

Drew is no longer available for classes or instruction, but along with this Archive, where you can find a lot of useful information, the best way to learn from Drew today is directly through his detailed, published books. See the books below for more information!

Country Woodcraft by Drew Langsner

Country Woodcraft: Then & Now

Green Woodworking by Drew Langsner

Green Woodworking

The Chairmaker's Workshop by Drew Langsner

The Chairmaker's Workshop

Classes, Workshops, Tutorials

We decided to omit the detailed descriptions of our various classes from this Archive. Sorry, but it’s just too much to wade through. and very out of date. The good news is that there are now many good instructional alternatives.

Kenneth and Angela Kortemeier have started the Maine Coast Craft School. All but one class filled in 2017, their first year. The latest schedule is available on their web site.

Peter Follansbee, our summer intern in 1988, teaches at scattered venues around the globe. His classes are announced in his very informative and fun blog pfollansbee.wordpress.com

Jögge Sundqvist has occasional courses in the US, besides teaching in Sweden and other venues. Jögge has a beautiful and inspiring website: www.surolle.se

David Fisher is one of our best bowl and spoon carvers. Prolific and skillful, and always happy to share his knowledge. Dave teaches here and there. His informative blog is at: davidffisherblog.wordpress.com